Thursday, July 21, 2011

Back into it now holidays are over

It's been great to have a week off with the family but time stops for no man and neither does the farm work. So it's been straight home from holiday and into the shearing shed. Our July shearing run started Monday and will run through until tomorrow (Friday). It takes a little to organise for shearing. Mobs of wooly sheep need to be moved up to the shearing shed and held in the sheep yards to empty out, and dry out if it's been raining. The shearing shed needed a bit of a tidy up too, there was still a bit of wool left around the place from the last time we used the shed. On Monday the 2 shearers pulled in and started at the normal start time of 7:30. half way through the second day on of our shearers had to pull out due to tendonitus in his arm, so I had to take over with the hand piece and shear a few myself. Not a problem.. as farmers are known to be jack of all trades.. (but masters of none). Well it's smoko time now.. better go organize myself a quick cuppa.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Seedings all done, good chance to take a break

Finally I'm finished seeding and, well, most of the crops are coming up nicely and at this stage looking like a promising season. I always get very nervous during the time it takes from planting the seed til it actually comes up... cause ya always wonder if it's actually going to. So what better time to take a break and spend a bit of quality time with the family. I think they'd almost forgotten what I looked like, so it wasn't before time.. even got a chance to get over to the big smoke and have a bit of a look around. I'll be back on the land soon and we'll start our July shearing then.