Sunday, July 19, 2009

Busy on the farm

It's funny how the busier I get on the farm, the less I feel like posting a blog about it, even when I've got all sorts of interesting things to tell you.

The current job going is getting organised for shearing, which starts on Monday... hey that's tomorrow. We've moved sheep, draughted sheep, weaned lambs, draughted more sheep, moved more sheep, yarded sheep, cleaned out shearing shed and sheded sheep in the last week. So we're all organised for tomorrow.

We've had lovely rains over the last couple of weeks so the crops are looking great. We made a good start at stone picking, but have had to put that on hold for a while simply because the paddocks have been too wet to drive the ute on. We've basically missed a week of stone picking and the crops are growing that quickly now that we're not even going to get back to do some paddocks.

I've also (almost) cleaned out the air seeder in that time which is basically getting in the two bins and vacuuming them out with the compressed air vacuum. I found that I should have done this job sooner, and not left the air seeder out in the rain, as the fertilizer bin doesn't keep water out too well, and the small amount of fertilizer that is left in the bottom turns to juicy mush... not very easy to clean.

I think both these pictures are from inside the fertilizer bin.

The other job was to sweep out the super shed, and remove the division in the middle ready for the air seeder to go back in there.

And no the air seeder hasn't gone back in... it's still sitting out in the yard in the rain while we're organising our July shearing. And it will stay there until we're finished the shearing now, which should take about a week. We have 410 hoggets, 250 ewes and 160 big wethers to shear.

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