Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Well seeding has been going at full steam ahead of late, with very little time off for anything else, including eating or sleeping. Yep that all happens on the go - well the eating part does, maybe not the sleeping part, even though at times it's quite difficult staying awake after hours on end in the tractor. The John Deere 8200 (eighty two hundred) is the main seeding tractor, pulling the mk III shearer air seeder box, and the John Deere 2200 cultivator bar. So far the good old Johny hasn't missed a beat. I'm over 1/3rd the way through the cropping program now, having clocked up over 1000 acres and all the canola and durham is planted, and within a couple of days I will be finishing off the wheat (that's what I'm working on now). That will leave peas, which of course are field peas, not the green peas you can buy in the shops for eating, and barley.
Farmers always have their eye on the weather, and so far the weather has been pretty kind to us too. We've had good follow up rains and I think I have only lost one day seeding due to inclement weather. Yes we love the rain so we don't complain, but it can get too wet to continue seeding. The wind also has to be taken into consideration as it effects the spraying, which is also a big part of seeding. If it's too windy most of the spray that is supposed to be killing my weeds would end up on the neighbours paddock... possibly killing their new crop that has just come up - not the best way to keep up friendly neighbour relations.

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