Thursday, July 1, 2010

New Seed Varieties

To keep up to date with the latest crops and varieties on the farm from time to time we need to buy new seed. This year we have actually started 3 new varieties, actually 4 if you include the pasture seed. Generally new seed comes in in 40kg bags and I usually buy a tonne of each new variety.
The four new varieties I have are;
  • Garnet - canola (I started seeding planting the canola)
  • Mace - wheat
  • Commander - malting barley
  • Bladder clover - the pasture seed

All but the canola was sown on the same day, which made for quite a tiring, fiddly day. See it's quite a task loading the bags into the air seeder, then calibrating for that particular seed, sowing roughly 10 hectares with the new seed and then doing a full clean out (which isn't real easy with a shearer airseeder). And repeat those steps for each new seed variety.

I have to admit that I was quite pleased when I had finished with all the fiddling around and could get back onto seeding the barley. Maritime barley is the last variety I have to go this seeding, so I am on the home stretch now, with only the 32mm of rain we had a coupla days ago to hold us up. A few more days now should see us out.

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  1. Glad to hear you've almost finished seeding - it's a great feeling when it's all in the ground! We've been gettting rain every week we finished sowing 6 weeks ago - the paddocks all look lush and are growing perfectly. Farmer Phil is just chasing some weeds at the moment but with rain, fog and frosts he's getting behind.