Friday, September 24, 2010

Images from the Shearing Shed

Here's just a little colliection of pictures taken in our shearing shed. The sheep waiting in the pens ready for shearing
The two shearers working at their stands shearing the sheep
Freshly shorn fleeces on the floor ready to be taken away to be skirted (sorted)
wool that's been sorted into different bins
more wool in bins
the wool table before the fleece is thrown onto it
and after the fleece is thrown onto it ready for skirting
the wool press with skirted fleeces in it ready for pressing into bales
finished wool bales straight out of the press, branded and ready to go on the truck to the wool stores
a well worn shearers hand piece connected to the down tube
this is a comb. a comb attatces to the hand piece and combs through the sheeps wool as the cutter moves from side to side across the teeth of the comb to cut the wool off
This is an old cutter, also attaches to the hand piece and cuts the wool off
and here are the sheep after shearing in the counting out pens
Hello ladies, hope you enjoyed getting your hair done

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