Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The Long Harvest

While most farmers in Sth Australia have finished their harvest for the summer, we are still plugging away at it. We only have about 90 hectares of windrowed barley to go, which would only take us a day or two, but with the recent wet weather, we've been held up yet again. Last Friday we received 89mm of rain, and as barley has to have a moisture content of no more than 13.5% when delivered, you can understand why we've taken a few days off. And a few interesting stats from the harvest so far....
  • we have reapt over 3000acres of various crops.
  • the header has clocked up over 400 working hours
  • I have delivered over 100 loads to the Viterra and GrainFlow sites in the area.
  • The closest distance to a delivery site is approx 5km.
  • The longest is about 85km. (that I have delivered to this harvest that is... obviously there are other sites further away).
  • The Kenworth has clocked up over 15,000kms in the 3 months since harvest started.

We are now thinking about options to make harvest next year a lot faster. The possibility of a new combine harvester has come up.

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