Thursday, March 24, 2011

When it Rains it Pours

We have taken a break from crutching the sheep this week due to a little rain event we had Sunday night. I think the weather bureau forecast between 5 to 10mm of rain for Sunday night, well we had more like 5 to 10inches of rain. I couldn't accurately measure it, but I'll estimate that we took out 5inches, that's 500points (or if you like the new language 125mm). Although we had steady rain most of the day Sunday the majority of the rain fell overnight Sunday night/Monday morning. We woke up to lakes in paddocks where we've never seen lakes before, roads under water and our driveway resembling more of a river than a driveway.
A number of local roads were blocked, but I haven't heard of any houses being flooded out (the Edithburgh Football Club may be the only exception to this).
Water is receding now, 4 days later, but some roads are still impassable and are now home to bird life previously unseen on the roads and paddocks, such as ducks and ducklings, black swans and Cape Baron Geese (which are common around the swamp that is near by).
This is just a shallow lake. At least this road is still passable.
Here you see a river system running down into a lake that last week was our paddock.
This is the neighbours paddock... ahhm I mean.. Lake.
We have paddocks both sides here, but the only way we can check the sheep is with a boat.
The lake in this photo actually runs right through the paddock on the right and crosses another road. At that point the water is actually deeper, with the fences and 5 foot high fence posts well and truly covered in water. The kids were able to get there swimming gear on and take there boogie boards down there for a bit of a swim... on the road.

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