Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Still Harvesting

Well slowly but surely we're working our way through harvest. The weather really hasn't been kind to us this year, with more rain in December I recon, than the spring growing season, so we haven't really been able to get a good run of solid reaping.

We must have had a few good days in there somewhere though, because we have been able to reap all of our barley, basically all of the canola and a fair chunk of the wheat too. The yields have been down a little, but the quality has been up. The wheat for instance, well we don't just deliver wheat. There are a range of grades you can get for the wheat depending on the quality. For your standard bread wheat you can get :

  • H1 (H stands for hard, the higher the protein the higher the grade)
  • H2
  • APW1 (Australian Premium White - which is probably the benchmark grade)
  • ASW1 (Australian Standard White)
  • AGP1 (General Purpose)
  • FED1 (Basically feed wheat)

All but 1 or 2 loads of wheat have achieved a H2 grade and, needless to say, the higher the grade, the higher the price for the wheat.

Now for Durum Wheat (used for making pasta)... um, perhaps I'll cover that one next time.

Happy Harvesting!!

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