Saturday, March 21, 2009

Bit of a windy one today

Today, being a Saturday, I try to avoid doing any farm work since it isn't a busy time of year for us, and the time spent with the family is far more valuable. So I haven't done anything on the farm today, but I think I should give you a weather update for the day seeing as it is a little unusual today. We have a hot north wind blowing with temperatures in the 30's (celcius). Due to the geography of our area we generally dont get hot winds unless it is from the north or north west. The farm is at the southern end (or bottom end) of a long peninsula, surrounded by sea on all sides but the north. Search for Yorke Peninsula, South Australia on google earth if you want to have a look. So today we've the hot north winds and it is stirring up dust from neighbouring paddock. Thankfully I think ours are still intact, as we like to retain all our stubbles and minimise our tillage. The pictures show the dust blowing, and the general dustyness in the air. The local bureau weather station shows that it reached a maximum of 36.7C. Actually I just checked it and it is still going up, but if you have a look at it your self you'll find that when the wind is due north the temp rises, but if it swings slightly to the east it drops again. That weather station is at a nearby town called Edithburgh which is on the eastern coast. The other thing that this kind of weather does to us is interupt our internet conection all the time... so I may not even be able to post this blog. We'll see.

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