Monday, March 30, 2009

What I got up to today.

Started the day with sheep feeding again today. I'm doing my sheep feeding rounds every second day now. Still feeding the 4 ewe mobs and the 1 whether mob (that we haven't gotten around to moving yet). There were a few more lambs out there today in all the ewe mobs now (none in the whether mob yet). And I'm happy to say that most of them are twins. Crows are a problem at lambing time for us, even more than foxes are. Crows come along and peck out the eyes of the young lambs and that kills them. What they often do is wait next to a sleeping lamb, when the mother is a little way away grazing, and when it opens its eyes the crow pecks it. It's absolutely horrid - and some people say mulesing is bad. Twins lambs are more susceptible as the mother has to keep an eye on two of them. I noticed the first dead lamb to crows today.
This afternoon I worked on the wiring for my airseeder switch box and managed to get it all wired up. I'm still waiting on a part from our local electrical shop, but I could bypass that for now for testing purposes.
The testing wasn't so successful. Besides have made a couple of mistakes with the wiring (which doesn't help it to work properly), by connecting things in the wrong spots. I also forgot that electricity can flow both ways through circuits and through relays (the 85 and 86 pins are always connected - unlike the 30 and 87) and so it didn't quite work the way I expected. So time for a re-think.

This is my wiring diagram. If ya can see anything wrong let me know. But I'm hoping the guy at the electrical shop will be able to help me out tomorrow.

Other problem I had today was that a neighbour of mine rang me and said he'd seen dogs chasing another neighbours sheep. The sheep are in paddocks very close to the back of our house, and our dogs (well one of them) has been out there before. This was very late this afternoon, almost on dark. It turns out that yes 1 of our dogs was out there, I had to drive out there and find her. This has happened 1 too many times now, and we have had this particular neighbour onto us about it before so, unfortunately, I think the dogs days are numbered. It's difficult to talk about this in such a matter-of-fact kind of way, but the level of stress that this problem causes is not worth it. I'm struggling with whether to ring our neighbour and let him know or not. I didn't see any injured sheep while I was out there, and I did have a fair look, but if there are any we will be in big trouble. Last time he threatened us with court action, who knows what will happen this time. I don't know if she's (the dog's) pushed the sheep through any fences. Again I never saw any damage so I'm hoping that it's all ok. But I think the sheep are in a different paddock, so my struggle is whether to contact him or not. If there is no sign of damage etc. then I'd be better off not, and just taking care of the dog. But he's going to want answers If there is damage, or they are in a different paddock, and I would much rather contact him, than he contact me. I'll check it out again in the morning.

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