Thursday, August 26, 2010

Took out another 60 points today.

Yep that's right 60 points, or 15mm in the new scale. All up August this year has been a very good one with plenty of wet weather. Unfortunately all the wind and rain has limited the amount of spraying, and other farm jobs, that I've been able to do, to the point that I really am along way behind with the rye grass spraying in some cereal crops.

This is the rain gauge (in autumn before we'd had any rain).

I have been able to keep going with the UAN (nitrogen spraying) even in the "bad" weather, because I have several different nozzles on my boom spray. I use lilac minidrift nozzles for all the herbicide and insecticide spraying and red quintastream nozzles for the fertilizer spraying. The quintastreams, as the name suggests, spray the liquid out in five streams, rather than in a "mist" like other nozzles do. The beauty of this is that they can be used in pretty much all weather conditions... and like I said, tongue in cheek, to one of the old farmers ".. now that I've got front wheel assist on the tractor, any day is a good day to spray!"
In the last coupla days I've also had the opportunity to finish pressing all the wool left over from shearing that we did back in July. I pressed out a few bales and ended up with 29 in total. The truck rolls in on Friday to take them away.
And in case you're wondering, I had the stitches removed from my finger that I tried to chop off today too.

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