Thursday, August 19, 2010

The weather's been a little up and down

It's the spraying season on the farm right now, and with the crops coming along nicely plenty of time needs to be spent spraying for weed control and crop nutrition.
For spraying to be effective though the weather conditions need to be relatively calm (ie not windy) and not raining (or the chemicals wash off the weeds and don't work). This August so far has been wonderful for the crops moisture needs... but as far as spraying goes... not so good. In fact I'm getting a little behind now with the spraying program and am really looking forward to some nice days where I can really get stuck into it.
Although conditions today are both wet and windy, I am able to get out there and spray out some UAN. UAN is a liquid fertilizer that supplies the plants with plenty of nitrogen.
Other hold ups to the spraying program include:
  • waiting for a B-double load of UAN to come in.. they deliver it here on farm ya know.
  • fixing the fence that the sheep keep knocking down to get onto the lovely green and tasty crop.
  • moving the sheep back off the lovely green and tasty crop into the paddock they are actually supposed to be in.
  • constantly checking that the sheep haven't knocked down the fence and gotten into the paddock with... ... you get the idea.

Well I'd better put the pen down now and get back into the tractor and continue with the spraying.

And a quick word of advice for young farmers... when making your sandwiches for lunch... do not use the sharpest knife you can find in the house to separate frozen slices of bread... the reason being that when the knife slips (with out even separating the bread mind you) a trip to hospital for 6 stitches in your finger will be the result.

see This is the latest addition to farmerpj's farm a New Holland TM155 - she replaces the old Ford 8401

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