Thursday, May 26, 2011

Yes that's right, I've finally got the air seeder together - all assembled, and we're up and running. Actually we've been up and running for the past week now and have clocked up just under 1000acres in that time. I put a few hectares of fiesta beans in first up, then onto the canola. I'm up to 188ha of canola planted so far. I've also done about 200ha of pasture sowing that the sheep will enjoy later on in the year.  As is the case with any new equipment there is always teething problems for a start and once I got the loading and calibration figured out on the new Simplicity 9000 tow between box, the adjustment of the new K-Hart disk modules and coulters was the main problem. the disks had to run in the ground at just the perfect depth. This was a little hard to achieve, possibly because the dry ground was so hard, but possibly also that the spring tension on the press wheels was way out of wack. It's lucky canola seeds dont need to be very deep. Well with quite a few adjustments made, and a reasonable drop of rain I think we are all good. Oh except for one minor little incident where I found that a John Deere 8200 front wheel assist tractor would not pull a Simplicity 9000 tow between air cart and a John Deere 2200 cultivator with 40 K-Hart disk modules through knee deep sandy muddy clay where water has been laying. Yep I got her bogged down to the back diff. Pictures will be added later but let me just say she took some getting out. A lot of digging and help from another tractor to pull her out.

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