Friday, June 3, 2011

Seeding Continues

A few images from the tractor seat (yes I know the windows need cleaning)
Yes it's full steam aheah with seeding out on the farm, and everything is running smoothly. The New-Holland TM155 tractor is pulling the Hardi 4228B boom spray which goes ahead of the seeder to spray out any weeds and also prevent more weeds from germinating. The chemicals we're using are paraquat, trifluralin and diuron (pron. die-you-on). With the rains we had earlier this year quite a few weeds had already germinated and had already been sprayed out with knock-down sprays.   I'm operating the seeding unit.. a John Deere 8200 tractor pulling a Simplicity 9000 TBT air cart and a John Deere 2200 cultivator which I've fitted out with K-Hart disk modules. I also need to keep up the supply of seed and fertilizer to the air seeder. To do that I have a seed and super unit (or grouper) on the back of the Atkinson, and the Kenworth has been getting it's fair share of work too, ferrying fertilizer around from farm to farm.   A quick calculation and I've worked out that I've covered about 740ha (1800ish acres) out of  just under 2000ha (4940acres) the I plan to plant all up.

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