Sunday, June 21, 2009

The final seeding update for 2009

Yep that's right it's the final update because I've finally finished seeding. It's been a few days.. ok, 10 days, since the last blog. In that time we did lose a number of days seeding time due to rain/wet weather, which is a handy problem to have. Since the last blog I have only had feed barley to sow. I actually finished on Thursday June 18 with the paddocks at Mum & Dad's place, that will be used as seed paddocks for next year.

On Friday I finished off sowing all the left over seed, both wheat and barley. I just sowed them into a couple of pasture paddocks. Actually I also had about a tonne of fertilizer left over too, so I sowed that out there as well.

Since then the tractor and air seeder had been brought back home here ready for cleaning out. You'll notice how I said ready for cleaning out... I haven't actually gotten around to doing it yet. The Ford tipper truck (our seed and super unit) will also need a clean out. Dad has given the boom spray a clean out. He flushed the whole unit with fresh water. I think he also used a little soap powder to clean it out. It's always good to flush out the boomspray with fresh water after use. It makes sure the pump and other components are free of corrosive chemicals, and stops chemicals settling out in the lines and hoses which can cause blockages in filters etc when we come to use the unit next time.

Jobs that are coming up in the next week or so include the clean outs, but also our lambs need tailing - a job that we actually usually do before seeding, but we started seeding earlier than we usually do this year - and also we need to start stone picking. That is clearing the paddocks of all the stones that were pulled up when I worked them with the air seeder.

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