Friday, June 12, 2009

seeding update

Well I know it's been a while since I've given you an update on the seeding progress, and plenty of things have happened since then. But I've only got time to give you a quick update now.

We are still pushing on with seeding, but on the home stretch now. I'm not sure where we were up to in the last update, but we've now got all our peas in, also the durham wheat, and are well into planting our feed barley. In fact we only have about 140ha to go. We've had a couple of hold ups along the way. The Ford tipper truck, that is our seed and super unit, got a pin hole in the bottom of the fuel tank. I fixed that by putting ordinary household soap on it. That kinda worked, but I did lose probably 3/4 tank of fuel. The clutch on the Ford tractor (the one we pull the boom spray with) packed up. The clutch wouldn't disengage at all. So we pulled that tractor off the spray job and put the John Deere 4440 on it. We also bought a 2nd hand ezyguide plus GPS for it.

The other good thing... this is a good hold up, is that we've had another good rain over the last weekend. Totals around 43mm I think it was. We don't mind hold ups like that. We actually only got going again today. We hadn't done any seeding since Saturday. One of those days I spent the day driving the boom spray.

Nothing much else to say, except that we are on the home stretch now with seeding. Three days would see it out if they were uninterrupted... but there will be interruptions as there is more rains forecast for the weekend.

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