Monday, June 1, 2009

Seeding Update

Ok well it's been a few days since I've updated the blog, and since then we have covered a little bit of ground. We finished up down at Honiton and then moved back to the home block. After we moved the ewes and lambs off the back middle paddock down to the 5roads we went ahead and sprayed knockdown (powermax & ox240) with trifluralin and then I come in and sowed peas in there.

This happened Friday, and I can vaguely remember a hold up that afternoon, because I only got that 1 paddock done that day, and it's only 28ha. That's right, we had a load of EasyN delivered. EasyN or another name for it is UAN is a liquid form of nitrogen. So it's instead of Urea. We will spray it out with the boom spray when the time is right. We had 29,500ltrs delivered, a B-double load. And our tank wasn't empty enough... so we had to duck into town to pick up a few empty 1000ltr shuttles to hold the excess.

Saturday I planted peas in the next paddock, the sheepyard paddock, and then onto Goldsmiths Coobowie Rd paddock, where I got a neat little piece of video footage... The "Ants Eye View".

Somewhere in there I also had to do a bit of a clean out job in one of the bays of the super shed. We wont be putting any more fertilizer in there, so it's good to have it all empty. I was lucky to have one of my workmen helping me that day

And here is a picture of the Bob's old trusty Massey Ferguson front end loader tractor. That's the one I've been using to load the super into the seed & super truck.

We took Sunday off... besides having to sort out some sheep down at Fountains that were in the wrong place... and actually turned out to not be our sheep. And Dad also got a little bit more rubber tyre rolling done on the paddocks I had already sown to peas.

This morning we moved back up to Gumbowie, to Bob's number 21. We got 21 and 24 sown today. Here is a picture of the Seeding unit here at home waiting to head over to Gumbowie this morning.

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