Sunday, April 12, 2009

Even on Easter Sunday there's still work to do

Although I didn't do that much, just the sheep feeding. Two feeder fulls - 1 for the mob down at 5 roads and half each for the mob at mum & dad's place and the block we call Glackens. Was all relatively un-eventful, all ewes looked ok and they all had water. I also checked on the mob of ewes down on Bob's (paddock 4). They were good too, but didn't need feeding as it's still only been a few days since they were put in there on the fresh barley stubble. So all good and over and done with in an hour or so.
Quick weather update... Glorious Easter weather, lovely warm sunny days in the mid 20'sC (that's just my estimation of course). And no rain, so still very dry. Each morning there has been a quite heavy dew, and even fog this morning... although there could have been fog other mornings too, but I wouldn't have been up early enough to see them. This morning, however, the kids had us up at the crack of dawn (if not earlier) for some unknown reason - the joys of Easter hey.

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