Tuesday, April 14, 2009

It Doesn't Feel Like Tuesday (I had to even think about whether it is Tuesday or not)

It actually still feels like a weekend, which is strange seeing as we've just had 4 days of weekend. So hence hard to get in the "feel" for farm work.
It was back into sheep feeding again today, although first up I had to put the feeder back on the ute, as I used it for something else on the weekend (used the ute that is). So another uneventful day sheepfeeding. I'm still only feeding the 3 mobs of ewes - the 4th mob are still fending for themselves on the barley stubble they've only recently moved to. There are more lambs every day, and since the warmer weather (it's been warmer again over Easter) I haven't come across any ewes down with lambing problems. There have still been quite a lot of crows around, but I didn't noticed too many lamb losses because of them. Only saw 1 fresh dead 1 today.
That's it for today... like I said, still in long weekend mode, home working on the vegi garden, which is now starting to look more like a market garden.

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