Friday, April 24, 2009

Opening Rains

Sorry, no pictures of puddles today either... but that doesn't mean there isn't any. Yes we've had good opening rains here, as has most of the state of South Australia. When I checked the rain gauge this morning we'd had 18.5mm and there has been a few showers throughout the day today since then too. It's a very good feeling. So farm jobs today included.. yes you guessed it.. feeding the sheep. A particularly important job over the next few days as there is more cold, wet and windy weather forecast. They'll need as much energy, and feel as full as they can, to look after their lambs in the cold. 2 of the mobs are in paddocks with good shelter, ie. plenty of trees (native timber). The other 2 mobs wont have the same protection though.
Sheepfeeding today started with taking the truck over to Bob's to get another load of feed from there. Then a couple of good loads out of the feeder on the back of the ute for the 3 main mobs. I think next time (in 2 days time) I'll also start feeding the 4th mob again. They have been on fresh barley stubble for a while now, so haven't been hand fed, but now that fresh stubble wouldn't be so fresh. On the farm paperwork front, still working out registration for the Kenworth. Other that that, still enjoying the rain.

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