Thursday, April 23, 2009

An Inside Day Today

That's right, far to cold and wet to be working outside. The reason for that is that a rain band came through this morning, and it's been raining fairly steady for most of the day. It's absolute perfect timing for farmers in this area, and most of the state, as the seeding season is only a few weeks away and this rain will germinate unwanted weeds in the paddocks. Hence the knockdown herbicides will be more effective in controlling in crop weeds. It's also good news for the livestock as the rain has come at the right time to germinate good pastures for feed. Good news is there is even more rain forecast for the next few days.
So today's jobs were mainly inside. I just had to do a quick downpipe repair on the house. (Downpipes are used to take the rainwater collected on the house roof to the rainwater tank). So yes, a very last minute repair. After that it was all inside doing farm paperwork, including filling out plant breeders rights forms and organising registration for the Kenworth ready for seeding. We'll need to use the truck to collect our fertilizer.
The only other job was to sit back and relax and enjoy the sound of rain on the roof.
Sorry.. I've got no pictures of puddles for you. Maybe tomorrow.

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