Thursday, May 28, 2009

Seeding Update

Yesterday and today have been relatively uneventful on the farm. The seeding continues with about 45ha sown yesterday at our block called Fountains, and that being the last of the wheat in.

So first thing this morning was a clean out morning. I had to clean out the seed compartment of the truck, then go reload with peas. We started on peas today, the variety being kaspa. Once the truck was all loaded up I headed down to Honiton and did the same clean out job on the air seeder box.

Then calibrated the air seeder for the peas. We planned to plant them at the rate of 100kg/ha, which would mean we would need 23tonne of seed. I'm not sure how much seed we actually have, and feel that we may not quite have 23tonne, so I dropped the rate a little down to about 95kg/ha. Then we were ready to roll. I did all the paddock called Correll's today. 59ha in total. The boom spray ran ahead of the air seeder with trifluralin and roundup. And then after the air seeder dad came back with the rubber tyre roller and John Deere 4440. He rolled the whole paddock. We do this to roll in as many stones as we can, and to get a good soil to seed contact.

Tomorrow the plan is to move back up to the home block and continue on sowing the peas.

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