Monday, April 12, 2010

Back into sheep feeding

As seeding time is approaching there are many maintenance type jobs that need to be done in preparation. The Kenworth and the tri-axle tipper need some repairs done and so the first job this morning was to run the truck into town to the local repairer so he can fix her all up.
It's been a while since I last run some feed out for the sheep so today I did that. Had to load the feed truck first, and found it was quite a dusty old job doing that.

The dust is almost like flour that's coming off the grain. The reason for that is that at some stage weevils have gotten into the grain. The chew a little hole in each grain and basically turn it to flour. So loading is quite dusty, and the nutritional value of the grain is greatly reduced.

These are the silos we have the feed stored in. The feed is screenings that were taken off when I've had seed cleaned in the previous years.

I fed all four of our ewe mobs today, and gave them a full feeder full (that's about 8 bags). I need to keep pumping it out to them now mainly to get rid of the old infested seed.

A little grain marketing this afternoon. Grain marketing being my least favorite job on the farm. I hate having to sell grain at terrible prices and not knowing if that price is likely to be anything like the best price I can get for it. And then never knowing if the price is going to rise in the next week.

I decided I'm going to burn off a couple more paddocks. So later this afternoon I was out there making fire breaks around these paddocks. I haven't burnt off the last few paddocks I have prepared last week yet, but the plan is to have a go at it tomorrow.

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