Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Snail Bait Spreading

Last night we enjoyed a little rain... 7mm to be exact. Now I know that 7mm is far short of the impressive rainfall totals enjoyed in other regions of this state, but it's enough of a drop to get organised with the snail bait spreading. See the snails like a bit of moisture in the ground to start moving and feeding. And if they're moving and feeding then they can be killed by baiting (because they eat it - state the obvious I know). So it was off to town for me this morning to pick up a pallet of snail bait. That's 42 bags each weighing 25kg. Quick maths calculation... that's 1tonne and 50kg. And there it is on the back of the Courier.
Ya gotta love the old stone building there. That's our old barn (that basically gets used for junk storage these days) and that's where I put the bags for storage. In it's hay day the old barn would have been filled up with bags of seed grain ready for the next seasons planting.
I mentioned yesterday the sheep feeder. Well there it is on the back as well, although it wasn't used today.
Shortly after lumping the tonne of snail bait into the barn I put the bait spreader (not pictured) on the back as well and tied it down. Then went and got stuck into some bait spreading. After doing 2 paddocks, 60ha, I got sick of it and then went onto another job.
I want to burn off a few paddocks tomorrow, but need to make good fire breaks around them first. So the first stage of that process is to get the old hay rake and rake the excess grass and straw out from around the edges of the paddocks. It heaps the grass up into a nice row that can be burnt, making the fire break even better. I got that far with the breaks, next job is to plow around the outside to finish the break. That will be tomorrows job too.

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