Saturday, April 10, 2010

Shiftin some Seed Peas

Prior to each seeding season (the time of year I plant the crops) I have to organise all the seed grain. I grow durham, wheat, barley, peas and now canola, so I have to have enough seed to cover all the paddocks I want to plant. As it turns out I have started leasing the neighbours farm this year and will need more seed. It was lucky a mate of mine happened to keep more pea seed than he needed so today I went down to his place to get some more seed.
This picture shows unloading the peas with the cup elevator. I used the elevator to minimise the damage to the peas. Every time they go up an auger more of them split and thus become unusable as seed, and these peas have already been through the auger a few times.

The Kenworth with the tri-axle tipper unloading the peas. We load them into a field bin. At this time of year we have all the field bins set up in the yard with all the seed grain ready for cleaning.

The peas unloading. The variety of peas we grow is Kaspa. There are many varieties of each type of grain. The durham we grow is Hyperno, wheat is Correll and barley is Maritime. I mentioned earlier that I also grow canola. This is a new thing for me. I have ordered enough canola seed to do 80 hectares (200 acres), but I don't remember what variety that is going to be. Anyway we'll see how we go.

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