Monday, April 5, 2010

Time to crank up the sheep feeding

I've taken it pretty easy on the farm over easter, but did decide to start the sheepfeeding today.
I had to put the sheepfeed bin on the back of the ute.. and then wire it in... and then wonder why the thing still wouldn't work. After checking out all the wiring I found a dodgie connection and found that once I'd fixed that, it worked quite well.
So the idea of the sheep feeder (just in case you couldn't be bothered looking back over my blog to march last year where it's fully explained) is that I can load it with some kind of grain - today was barley - and then take it out to the paddock to the mobs of sheep where at a flick of a switch it unloads on the go leaving a lovely neat row of grain for the sheep to feed on.
We generally only worry about feeding the mobs of ewes, because they are in the middle of lambing at the moment. We have four mobs of ewes, and today I fed two of those mobs. I'll do the other two tomorrow, and then alternate each day from now on until the pastures start springing up themselves.
Often we find abandoned lambs while doing the rounds of the mobs. We did find one today that was really frail. I doubt that it will survive, but it seems to be going ok at the moment. We brought it home and have managed to get it to start sucking. It has had quite a good drink now. I would have been born today, probably a twin, and the mother probably walked off with the other one, and just left this one laying there.

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