Monday, May 4, 2009

Another Day on the Farm

First job today was to take the semi-tipper into town to get the cracks in the tipper welded up. So just a quick drop off there. I also had to pick up a few pipe fittings while I was in town... yep more leaky pipes.

Actually this time was a broken T-piece, so you would classify this one as a considerable leak... or maybe even flood. So picked up the parts, but before I actually did the necessary repairs I fed a couple of the mobs of sheep. I thought that the lambing was basically all over and done with now, but did happen to see 2 new lambs (from separate mothers) today. I was held up a little bit with feeding one of the mobs as the ute battery is now that bad that it wouldn't run the feeder long enough to get enough grain out for them.

The "tool man" also turned up while I was over mum n dad's place. He brings his van full of all sorts of farm tools and things around and you can pick up all sorts of goodies. We picked up a few things, got a good deal on air driven drills, basically 2 for the price of one. Plus a few other bits and pieces.

After that I had a look at the pipe repair and I had all sorts of trouble getting it back together. I couldn't get one of the connectors to do up. I had a closer look and worked out that is wasn't the same sort of pipe as the other 2 pieces (it's a T connector where a pipe running to a trough is connected to the main line). I know I've mentioned before my confusion when it comes to pipe sizes, well it was compounded today. I cut a small piece off and headed into town with it to see what class it was. The main line is D-class (3/4") and I assumed the line to the trough was the same. Sorry no. Perhaps C-class or B-class. Sorry no. Not that I would know what the difference is, but this one really threw me. It was 3/4" polypro. Well I think that's what it was called anyway. It's not used for general pipe work, it usually gets thread cut on the end and used as a riser, or down wells on a windmill. And so there aren't any connectors for it unless it had a thread. But don't worry, the good man in at the rural supply shop worked something out for me, not that I'm sure what, and I was on my way. It went together nicely, and didn't leak at all when the water was turned on again.

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