Monday, May 25, 2009

Seeding Update

We had another lovely drop of rain yesterday afternoon and overnight. 10mm in all which is really nice. I'd noticed the last couple of paddocks I had sown were quite hard due to lack of moisture so the rain will really help that.

We need to keep a couple of days ahead during seeding to be organised with spraying and so this mornings job was to move a mob of sheep to make way for the boom spray tomorrow. We had a mob of wethers down on our Fountains block. The did manage to get out on the road on the weekend, so it was time for them to come back home. We moved them back up to "Goldsmiths" which is right next door to the home place. They probably wont stay there long because... either they'll need to be moved again to make way for more spraying... or (and this is the most likely) they will get out again because the fences in there are very ordinary.

Coming along the road towards home with the sheep. Andy's just enjoying a few of the puddles on the road from last nights rain.

We did a quick tidy up in the farm yard of a pile of... well junk, that we had laying around after that, while there was still a few showers around, but after that it was back to the seeding operation.

No actually... before the seeding operation (I almost forgot). The Supalux died the other day on the way home, and I had to be towed home (we've got great neighbours who, amazingly, know how to be in just the right place at the right time). Well the supalux was towed in and left in the yard. We put it away in the main shed before we got back to seeding.

So I was off to Bob's to load the truck with seed and super. In the picture above, that's loading the wheat seed. You can also see the division in the tipper and the super in the back section.

I got 2 paddocks done today. Number 15 at Bob's and number 20... not in that order. Dad sprayed paraquat and trifluralin out in front of the airseeder. Then went on to spray glysophate and oxyflurafen on Bob's 13. 12 and 13 will be the 2 paddocks in line for sowing tomorrow. It will be a long day. Not that the paddocks are that big, but they are the roughest paddocks we will put in this year, so it will be slow and rough.

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