Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Fertilizer pick up day today

Was an early start this morning to head up country in the Kenworth and tipper to pick up an early load of fertilizer (DAP). I had 3 loads booked in to pick up today so the first one had to be an early one at 8pm and I actually ended up getting in just after 7:30 for the pick-up so that wasn't too bad. So I was able to pick up the 3 loads no problems. 68tonne all together. We had a shower of rain while unloading the 2nd load which made it a little difficult, but we never complain about rain. We need ever drop we can get.

We looked at, and started, servicing Bob's front end loader, the old massey, later in the day. Drained the oil and changed the filter. So tomorrow I'll take some engine oil over there, and check on fuel filters, power steering etc.

Now that we've got the fertilizer it'll be all systems go for seeding. I'll probably start with some spraying, probably as soon as tomorrow. And the air seeder will roll not far behind that.

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