Saturday, May 2, 2009

A Water Leak

Just had a coupla jobs to do today. The usual sheep feeding run. That was fairly uneventful. Seems most of the lambing is done now, so haven't had any problems with the ewes for a while. 2 of the mobs where moved a couple of days ago onto fresh stubbles and they weren't quite as interested in the grain feeding. The other 2 mobs where still pretty keen. With the rain that we've had over the last week or so a germination has started and the green grass is starting to come up, including in the pastures. So the sheep will have more pasture feed now as it grows.

I found a water leak while feeding over at Wendelbournes. The main pipeline from the water mains comes from over there and in 1 section it is only old B-class 1" pipe. It's poly pipe and it's so thin it gets leaks all the time. There is sharp limestone in the ground (everywhere around here - but also where the pipe is buried) and over time they punch small holes in the pipe. To fix I just cut out the section with the hole and put in a 1" B-class joiner. I actually had 2 holes today... so I had to put in 2 joiners. It's advisable to turn off the water at the water meter when cutting into the pipe... as you can get VERY wet if you don't. This time I did turn the water off.

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